4 Nursing Diagnosis for H5N1

  1. First and foremost, Happy New Year everyon! May you all have a fruitful and prosperous new year. More blessings for 2011!

    My question is.. What are the 4 priority Nursing Diagnosis for H5N1? I know the priority is definitely Ineffective Airway clearance. Another I can think of is Dehydration R/T fever. Any others? I'm actually doing a paper and need some help.
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  3. by   indigo girl
    Why choose H5N1?
  4. by   Kim5/08
    Isn't Dehydration a medical diagnosis? Wouldn't the equivelant nursing diagnosis be fluid volume deficit r/t fever, etc?
    Altered body temperature r/t illness
    Altered Nurtrition: Less than body requirements r/t decreased appetite
    Pain, acute r/t myalgia
    Breathing patten, ineffective r/t shortness of breath
    Impaired skin integrity r/t fecal incontinence

    Oh, I DO NOT miss writing those care plans! Good luck!
  5. by   aliciaj456
    Impaired swallowing r/t (patho of h5n1)
    Ineffective tissue perfusion r/t inability of the alveoli to perfuse oxygen in exchange for co2
    Fliud volume deficit d/t the bodies increased metabolism from fever accompanied with diarrhea
    Acute pain r/t muscle aches
    Impaired swallowing
    thats all I have for now
  6. by   indigo girl

    H5N1 virulence is great with a CFR of over 30 % in most cases but, H5N1 is not yet a threat to most of the planet. It is only found in certain countries, and our interest is in watching to see if it increases transmissibility. Do you understand this?

    However, the H1N1, swine flu virus is still with us, and many kids are in ICU in the UK. That is the reality. The need for ECMO beds is increasing across the pond.

    So, again, why did you choose H5N1 as your project? Do you know realize that there is a hugh difference between the different flu viruses?