Direct Entry PMHNP Programs!??!

by Bobcat25 Bobcat25 (New) New

Hi All,

I am currently a social worker with a B.A. in psychology. I want to be a PMHNP so I can prescribe and counsel. Does anyone know of a list online or can suggest any great Direct Entry Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner programs? I know about Yale, Oregon Health Science, and Vanderbelt, but I would love to see more options. I've been searching online and I'll find a direct entry MSN psych mental health program but it won't be for NP. The NP part is really important. I would love a program that focuses on counseling/behavioral health as well as prescribing. I'm so excited about this new area and can't wait to be a great clinician.

Thank you for your help!!

Hi Bobcat25. I am currently enrolled in a direct-entry PMHNP Program. Schools I looked into this time last year who have this type of program were the three you mentioned along with MGH Institute of Health Professions, Boston College, Columbia University, U. Hawaii at Manoa, and the University of Southern Maine. I also found this website helpful: . It allows you to look for specialties by state (but keep in mind it's not all-encompassing). I currently attend Vanderbilt's program and love it so far.