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Direct Entry MSN Success Story


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I would like nurses to share their Direct Entry MSN success stories. I am applying to this type of program. I have a bachelors already but I have a calling to be nurse practioner. I want to help patients by diagnosing and establishing a treatment plan. It's easy to think this will be a good change in the direction of my carrer. However, I would like to get advice first hand from those that have come before me and already did this.

What is the experience like?

I feel like the change from bedside to treatment is a welcome change because you work in a more cooperate manner with patients when you are diagnosing and advising on the treatment. Is this what people think is the case as well? Maybe I am missing something about how the change can have downsides.

The imagined downsides are that you become overwheled with the demands of the patients and that the learning curve coming out of NP school is just too steep.

How is NP school compared to nursing school?

I imagine that NP school would be challenging. I went to UCI for my undergrad and it was a very challenging school. However, I always found the material fascinating and I never wanted to do anything else except work in healthcare so I didn't not mind the work because I knew it would serve me well as a medical provider.

I would like to know the same since I am about to start a direct nursing program!!

Future MSN

Specializes in Public Health Science. Has 2 years experience.

OMG! Congratulations. I will let you know if I get any replies. I posted a few different posts on the topic. When do you start? Did you take any pre-requisites online? I am taking most of mine online and I am a bit worried about it.

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