Direct Entry MSN with ADN exit option

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I have fatigued myself with online searching!

Does anyone know at which point in the direct entry master's programs you get to sit for the NCLEX?

I'm assuming it has to be before getting awarded the master's because these programs have preceptorships and I thought you had to be licensed before doing those. Seems like it could be a possible shortcut to an ADN.

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Generally speaking the 1st year of a direct entry program is preparing you to sit the NCLEX-RN.... all that I'm aware of award a BSN at this point not an ADN. It's basically an ABSN program then immediately into the MSN.

True once you have your nursing licence you can opt to not continue the MSN program.. BUT I wouldn't view this as a shortcut NOR would it be the most cost effective path.

yeah the only "exit" options I've seen award the BSN- so essentially it's an ABSN with graduate tuition! Was hoping to speed along the 4 semester ADN *sigh*