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Direct Entry FNP Program vs MPH

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I was admitted to Yale's Direct Entry - GEPN program (FNP specialty). For the past 3 years I had been working towards applying to direct entry programs and am very excited to be admitted. However, the cost of the school is making anxious. Estimated costs for the first year is $100,000 and I was only offered $11,000 as a Scholarship. The last two years are approximately $50,000 each. I know if I accept, I will need to apply to Scholarships - nurse corps and HRSA being some of them. Not a guarantee, but I feel that my experiences make me a competitive applicant. 

At the same time, I applied to a few MPH programs, more as a backup plan. I was accepted to UC Berkeley's Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health. I am offered $15,000/year Scholarship, which would cover tuition and then some. Free education!! That is very appealing to me. Also I already live in the Bay Area, so moving would not be a hurdle. 

So now I am stuck! I want to hear people's thoughts on the cost of school. I do not want to be $100,000+ in debt, although I know people do it and it's possible to pay off. But it is very daunting. Thoughts and insights would be appreciated. 

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