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Diploma of Nursing Pathways

by bloodbunnyy bloodbunnyy (New) New

I'm looking into applying for a Diploma of Nursing in Australia but as I did not complete year 12 I need to have studied a similar course before applying.

I am trying to choose between a Certificate in Pathology or a Certificate in Health services assistance.

Has anyone done either of these courses or know which one would be better for me to have a certificate in?

Thank you for your help :)

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I'd probably pick Health Services Assistant - if you can get a job as an AIN it will give you some insight into the more difficult parts about nursing (personal cares etc) and you might be able to get employment easier once you graduate your diploma. I know of lots of people who go the Aged Care route too, for similar reasons. They don't struggle with some of the practical exams in first semester, and you might be able to get some credit towards your diploma.

I didn't go this route so I can't say exactly how helpful it is, but I have heard of it working well for people.