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Diploma to BSN in Georgia


Specializes in Oncology, Diabetes.

Hey everyone !!

I am a foreign educated nurse, passed my GA NCLEX in December 08 and just started looking into jobs in the Fort Benning area. Well, the military had different plans for us ( my husband is active military ) and we will be moving in May. Lucky me, we are staying in GA, but moving to the Savannah area, Fort Stewart.

Since it will take some time to sattle in the new area, I decided to use the time and advance my education. I went thru CGFNS to recieve my Course by Course report, which gave me the eqivalance of a Diploma Program.

What do I need to do to attend a BSN program? Does anyone know, which collage in the Fort Stewart or Savannah area offer courses and is accredited?

I am thankful for all the info I can get !

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