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difficulty in relocating


howdy everyone,

i am a dec 2008 future grad and texas is where i want to be. (houston specifically) i have family in houston and dallas. i am a louisianian and after i graduate and get about 2 years of experience under my belt, i plan on relocating to where my heart longs to be. is it hard for someone whose an out-of-towner to find a job when relocating to texas and is the bsn more attractive than the adn when being considered for a position in general. i know you guys probably get tired of the standard "planning to relocate" post but any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!!!!!! :nuke:

The best way to do it is sigh up with a traveling nurse company, and just sign on full time with the hospital you get assigned to, or submit your resume to the other hospitals in the area while your on assignment (thats what i did). Just make sure the company doesnt have rules against you staying on with the hospital.

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