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Difficulty of getting into USF/SPC RN-BSN programs?


Hello all :)

I currently attend Galen College of Nursing for the ASN program. My ultimate goal is to obtain a Master's degree eventually and for that I will also need to achieve a BSN. I have heard mixed information on these programs. Some say that RN-BSN programs are a bit easier to get into and others will say they are just as competitive (perhaps even more so) :crying2: I hope to attend USF or SPC eventually. Also, if they focus just on prerequisites or they also look at other factors? If there is anyone out there who has experience with this topic, I will be forever grateful for any advice/information you may have for me.

Thank you in advance ! :cat:

Hi there,

I am in the same boat as you. I've been browsing around and it seems like there are limited programs in California for RN-BSN programs and spaces are limited as well..

I believe they look for 3.0 above GPA in all your classes and nursing prereqs. However diff schools have diff requirements so you should look them up individually...but majority that I noticed are both nursing GPA and prereqs..along with 3 letters of rec and personal statement. It's almost as if you're applying to nursing school all over again.