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difference between BSN and Entry-Level MSN?



I have a question regarding the BSN vs. Entry-Level MSN. I was wondering what's the difference in job roles/opportunities between the two? I assumed that since both would be newly grad nurses without any RN experience they would start on the same level. Basically, what makes an Entry-Level MSN nurse different than a BSN nurse? I'm having a really hard time understanding the difference between the two so if someone can elaborate for me that would be great. Thank you!

I'm happy you started this topic. I was interested in information for an accelerated BSN program and the advisor mentioned that I may be interested in the Entry-level MSN.Do hospitals look down on RN/MSN nurses with no BSN? I thought that I read the MSN was eventually being phased out by the DNP?I just started researching recently and I would love more info also.