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Diff bw Physician Asst-Anesthesiology vs. CRNA?


Hello, what are the general differences between a Physian Assistant that graduates from PA school and specializes in Anesthesiology versus an ICU-Registered Nurse that graduates as a Certified Nurse Anesthetist?

What are the major difference in work conditions, autonomy, pay scale, work hours, and job environment?


wtbcrna, MSN, DNP, CRNA

Specializes in Anesthesia.

Physician Assistant jobs, PA anesthesiologist Pain Management Anesthesiology, Anesthesia Post Nurse Practitioner Jobs, CRNA Jobs, Physician Assistant job opportunities Post Physician Assistant jobs, Post Nurse Practitioner Jobs, Physician Assistant j I won't vouch for the reliability of the information on there, but it is a starting point. PA anesthetists are relatively rare. They can only be found in a few states due to licensing issues, and like AAs they must work under an anesthesiologist while doing anesthesia. PA anesthetists can work outside of the OR/OB providing care as their licensing/credentialing allows. This does give them additional freedom that AAs do not have.

I would not recommend this route if for no other reason it would severely limit autonomy and ability to work in different places/states.

You can compare that to this. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists at a Glance