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Did you like the National University Post-Bachelor Degree program?

Eino Eino (New) New

Hi! I'm new to all nurses! Hopefully this post is in the correct area.

I'm interested in attending National University in Bakersfield, CA to obtain a BSN. Is it a good school? Is it respected by employers?

Has anyone out there attended National University in Bakersfield or any other city? If so, how was your experience?

Thank you for your time!! :)

Buyer beware specializes in GENERAL.

OP: This is an expensive non-profit and at 24k per year plus books and gotcha fees too much dinero.

Try California State College at Bakersfield and pay a third of the price.

Go to (collegescorecard.ed.gov) to get all schools' vital statistics.

Just think some marketing schmoe made up the name National University to loan you up and make a bundle.

Go to a school as I have mentioned and leave the sweet talk academic advisor to try to hook some other guppie.

100K for a BSN is over the top money when there are many other ways to skin this cat.

Good luck.

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