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Did I really graduate from BCH 42 years ago?

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I have been a nurse for 42 years and the experiences and people that I have embraced and encountered have been more than memorable. I may be slowing down a tad but my stories are accelerating. It's all good. I want to remember my nursing training. I want to remember my first job as a new nurse. I want to be that mentor to the new nurse. Nursing has been a wonderful profession for me. It has been a privilege to have taken care of so many patients & I thank them so much. There was no sim lab when I was training! I preferred it that way. It made you develop confidence sooner than later....or maybe it made you pretend to have confidence? As I was watching the new hospital drama show, Knick last week, I couldn't help but become nostalgic. There were open wards when I was in training. We had to sterilize glass syringes in alcohol. We had a pan of glass thermometers w/ mercury that we used on multi patients; they just needed to be submersed in alcohol to decontaminate.The intimidation & hierarchy with physicians, especially with surgeons was prevalent. Do you remember your nursing training? How long ago? What was it like?

Wow! That is very interesting, but I have no stories since I am a pre nursing student! I would love to hear more stories, though!

Thank you for your response. I am new to this blog & can hardly wait to share my stories especially with nursing students like you.

Your post was great! I am a new graduate and recently became a registered nurse that got hired at a great hospital and to hear your outlook on nursing is amazing. I look up to nurses like you that remember where they came from and enjoy sharing their experiences with others. I hope to meet more nurses with your outlook. I wish you all the best!