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Did I make a good desicion?

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Well, i got sick over the weekend and the doctors put me on 2 antibitoics, needless to say they make me feel like crap!...on top of that they prescribed me Zofran and hydrocodone, because the antibiotics make me feel horrible, dizzy, nauseated, headaches. I chose to reschedule my test, which was suppose to be tomorrow. The earliest date they had was Sept. 20th!...aaah!!!!! that is so long to wait!...

My husband got upset with me because i have procrastinated so much!...i know i have because of fear!

P.S... i mispelled DECISION!... :)

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Don't worry about it. Better to take it when your head is clear and you feel that you can breathe. Take the extra time to prepare better. Good luck.

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