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Did I fail?


My name came off the Indiana BON website about 20hrs after I took Nclex. the PVT trick took me to the CC page, no pop-up. So did I fail? It said Pending Application ever since I sent in the money.

Also, PearsonVue still says Results not Available.

I can't, my name doesn't show up anymore.

Hmmm. That is interesting. Just keep trying and wait for that proverbial letter in the mail. Good luck.

I'm waiting for the Quick Results but I think due to the PVue trick I did not pass.


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You mean it takes you to CC page?

Yea the PearsonVue trick doesn't give me a pop-up. I'm guessing worst case scenario.

Yup, I failed.

So sorry. Your time is on its way. Hoping the best for the next