Did you always know in what specialty you wanted to work?


Hello All,

This is my first thread so here I go. I wanted to know if you knew going into Nursing School in which specialty you wanted to work?

I have worked in different specialties and I love Dermatology and Allergy & Asthma, but I also know that they overlap in some aspects. So just a question, thanks.

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I went into nursing school thinking I wanted to work in peds or L&D. Then I went through those rotations... I've never had desire to work either of them since. I stumbled into the OR my final semester, and I'm still here.


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Yup. I went to school to be a midwife. It was the only thing I wanted. Passionately.

I work critical care now. I have no regrets. lol

That's awesome..I'm excited. Thanks. í ½í¸€