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Does anyone have experience working with Davita? I hear they are diversion friendly. I have an interview with them tomorrow here in California. Anyone know average pay?


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How did it go?

VERY diversion friendly company here in Ca. Also new grad friendly. IMO they are a *** company who will hire any warm body. Had a nurse who was dangerous (Not due to drugs, she was just an idiot) and it took A LOT For them to finally let her go. The pay is ***. I was not on diversion when I worked there and I was making what I started out as a new grad 12 years prior. But desperate times call for desperate measures. I Am told Fresenius pays slightly more. It was the hardest I ever worked for the least money but I may end up back there if I can’t find someone else who will hire me. I just got my work privileges back. Also I think some clinic locations are probably not be as short staffed as mine was so bear that in mind.