Switching careers

  1. I have been an RN for 12.5 years. Last 11 years working in out-patient dialysis clinic, for a large, non-profit company. My first job as a new grad RN was on a med-surg floor of a large hospital. I hated it, and I was eventually fired after 6 months on the job basically because I didn't have the skills for the med-surg floor and was a poor fit. I then got a job in a nursing home as Charge Nurse. I was able to build up my nursing skills there. After one year of LTC, I was ready to move on. I got the job at the dialysis clinic, and have been there since. I have loved dialysis, and have become very good at it. However, I just turned 50, and have started to feel burned out by dialysis. I have always been curious about working in a GI lab. I am intrigued by the entire process from pt prep, to working in the room with the doctor, to post-procedure. Does anyone know how I can transition from dialysis to GI lab?
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