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  1. I am new to the site and wandered in when surfing, found loads of interesting stuff but need some info I cant find.
    I am currently the manager of a 12 station unit and looking to relocate to California into a very similar postion. Can anyone give me any Salary guidlines for that area, I obviously know what I make now but California is unknown.
    I have been in nursing 10+ years have diploma and degree etc etc
    All input appreciated.
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  3. by   theresa_b
    Dear Sparks,

    Don't know how much it will help, but try salary.com.

  4. by   vortex72
    honestly I'm guessing but I do pretty damn well here in TN as an acute dialysis nurse(not managing). Admittedly, I have a extraordinarily high paying job because they pay me based on treatments instead of hourly.

    In CA, I wouldnt take less than 80k/year to be a manager plus I'd see if they offered any bonuses for cost control etc.