1. Hi, I applied STAR RN at Davita. Just done with phone interview and will have an in person interview next week. I have no dialysis experience. I work at MS/Tele for 2 yrs. I'm so nervous. Anyone ever gone through this please give me some ideas. They said I should ask the interviewer 5 questions. Can someone give me ideas that what I should ask? Very appreciated. Please help.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Welcome.... hope our dialysis members can assist you.
  4. by   AlabamaBelle
    Read up on the company for starters. This will give you a great springboard for questions about the company itself. Ask about training, what are career paths with the company. Are they looking at you for acutes or chronics?

    Your Med/Surg Tele is a good foundation for dialysis nursing.