Pediatric dialysis?

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    I have been in dialysis for almost 5 years and work for Fresenius. I love dialysis, but I sometimes get SO tired of taking care of people that really couldn't care less about their health. I've done chronic, home hemo, and PD, and sadly, even some of the home patients are this way.

    Anyway, I am contemplating pediatric dialysis, because I feel like it would be rewarding to take care of patients (and their parents) who actually WANT to take care of themselves. Has anyone ever worked pediatrics? Can you tell me how you liked it?

    I will have been with FMC for 5 years within a few months (and fully vested in my 401K) and feel it may be time for a change, either to another company (because I feel like I'm not getting paid fairly) or to pediatrics.

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  3. by   RNDialysis80
    I was working in dialysis for 10 years(adult PD, previously ICHD), and the last few years in Pediatric Dialysis... I absolutely love working with kids and PEDS dialysis was definitely an awesome is very much different than adult dialysis, specially with the smaller kids and infants but nothing you can't learn.

    Pediatric Dialysis was very rewarding, but for other reasons I am now working in Pediatric Cardiology and absolutely LOOOOVE it!!! Wishing you well in your future.... If you need any advice or help with pediatric dialysis just let me know!!!