Northern Cali possible strike

  1. Hi All dialysis nurses! We have been in silents for way too long it's tome to stand up and built a union. Here in Northern California we are gathering All dialysis nurses to stand up as one and have our dialysis company (fresenius here) to fight for fairness. We are one of the lowest pay in this speciality and it is not fair! With the living cost there's no way we can survive. Our plan here is to sign a petition and would like for everyone to get involve and our expected date to strike is March 28, 2018. Will keep you guys inform of any changes. I will forward the sign up petition here please know this is for our future. It's time! Please mark your calendar. We want this to affect everywhere not just California.
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  3. by   Realnice04
    They are trying to decertify are union they said pay is better non union could you respond to me what your merit increases are as well as schedules vacations