New nurse interested in RDU/Nephrology

  1. I'm a new nurse who recently accepted a position at my local hospital in general medicine. I eventually want to gain a spot in the RDU here and have been looking into taking speciality education (BCIT offers a two year program through distance) to make myself more competitive for these jobs since they all require the education within five years of being hired. I'm actively applying to any and all positions in RDU/Renal that come up (there's actually quite a bit), but to sit for the certification exam in Canada you need 1 1/2 of work experience+ Education (2 year program) OR just two years of work. Is it worth taking the speciality education now? I feel like it would show employers that I am passionate about this area, I eventually want to further my career and become a NP in Nephrology.

    Are there better programs than BCIT? They seem pretty reputable, or should I wait until I get a position. I also keep noticing RDU education being a requirement of most jobs, is this something I can sign up for through my hospital?

    I have done hours in the RDU as a student and I loved it, and found my niche. This is why I want to go back there.

    Just looking for some career advice.
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