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  1. I need input on a dialysis patient who is thinking of quitting, does not feel any better after 25 treatments. Immediately vomits with fluid removal, has no energy or quality of life. Shes only in her 40s.
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  3. by   mrs/mom/rn
    I am not a dialysis nurse, but we deal with a lot of dialysis patients on my floor. Is it hemo or peritoneal. If she is on other medications, maybe they should be given at a different time,Maybe the dialysate could be adjusted to pull off less or more. If she can not tolerate hemo, she can do peritoneal. Without meds, amount pulled, vs in relation to treatment, labs in r/t treatment it hard to even guess. Have her pay attention to s/s in relation treatment time and med administration and talk to her team. Is she a diabetic?
    I doubt that I helped, but different people do better on different modalities.
  4. by   mrs/mom/rn
    Sorry, if it is during fluid removal-dialysate concentration may need to be changed
  5. by   madwife2002
    If she is on haemo maybe she would benefit from CAPD as this is a much gentler form of dialysis plus she could moniter her fluid balance more acuratly, and have more control.