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  1. Hi! I'm a RN working in a 8 bed hospital based unit. We do hospitalized inpatients, acutes and higher acuity chronics. I've been in dialysis for 3 years. We do a little peritoneal dialysis on inpatients. I would love to chat with other nurses, share common stories, etc. We use Cobe C3 machines.
    Another renal resource I enjoy is renalpro@majordomo.srv.ualberta.ca. I think you send a message saying subscribe and they send you email from nephrologists, nurses, techs, md's, etc. It's light reading and interesting.
    Anyway, I hope we have fun chatting!
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  3. by   pegrn80
    Hi fabulous!
    I work in a 27 chair outpatient/subacute dialysis unit in NJ. We also use COBE C3 nachines. I used to work in an acute unit, but the on-call was killing me. I would be on call on a Sunday and end up working 16+hours and then expected to be in work at 6am Monday morning, so even though I like acutes better, especially because I have an ICU background, I went to the chronic unit with no on-call. What does your unit do? How much on-call time do you have and how does if affect your life?