For the dialysis patient who has everything

  1. Wish I would have thought of this.


    Dialysis Clothing | Chemotherapy Clothing | Comfortable Patient Clothing - Hemowear
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  3. by   Guttercat
    Ha! I've seen many patients over the years that "customize" their own clothing in such a manner. A pair of scissors and....voila!
  4. by   Guttercat
    And what they really needed to do was a combination right and left arm sweatshirt. Because, you know how it goes....
  5. by   Chisca
    I would improve it by heated wires. Motorcyclists and snowmobile riders have electric vests, jackets, pants and socks to deal with the cold. 12 volt so one gets electrocuted and a thermostat so the level of heat can be adjusted.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Nope, not new.....pts have been doing this for years.