FMC to start their own staffing agency.

  1. FMC uses a ton of travelers. Even so, they cannot find staffing. I personally know of four travelers who have broken contracts and bailed out of FMC units within the last month.

    One of the contract breakers is a friend of mine. He told me that there was not one single regular staff member at the unit. Even the unit mgr was a traveler, and the sec'y was from a local temp agency.

    Owning the agency themselves only means that FMC will cut out the middle man and pay less for their travelers. It won't do anything about the terrible working conditions which cause both regular staff and travelers to flee.

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  3. by   trvlnRN
    That is really interesting news. Though I seriously doubt that FMC would be able to recruit and maintain its own travelers. You know their reputation for "being cheep". If you can't keep higher paid professional travelers then how would you be able to keep your own?