ever "travel" to carribean

  1. Does anyone have comments one working as a "traveler" in the USVI or other Carribean area? Have experience in Acute, Chronic, PD, Home Hemo.

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  3. by   caroladybelle
    I have heard stories from travelers AND from residents.

    And NONE of them are good.

    "Everyone" has flight/health insurance to get them out of there if they need medical care - The phrase, "Have a pain, take a plane" is bandied about - scary stories of people getting nosocomial infections in the facilities and dying of it run amok among residents.

    I recently had a patient that went to an island facility to get labs drawn - the facility was out of some of the common ones. From there on out, we sent the tubes with him from the mainland...as it was confirmed that they "might" be out of tubes when he was there.

    And while the pay rates are low, they are even lower for locals. As such travelers sometimes get treated poorly.