Does anyone know how this could happen?

  1. After being off for a one week vacation, I went to visit a new paient in his home when he verb that urine was leaking from his urinary catheter. The plan was for him to have a suprapubic placed the next day. I looked to see what was going on and noticed that the penis was split in half like a hotdog bun and the catheter was sitting in the middle of this. I asked him how long it was like this and he said 3 years. The patient care giver said this was correct. I asked how it happened and neither one was sure but the patient verb a catheter caused it. Has anyone ever heard of this and what causes it to happen. There was no documentation in the chart and his regular nurse is now on vacation and I'm unable to ask. The reason he is my patient now is because he is on IV antibiotics and I'm one of the IV nurses for my agency. Would appreciate any information on this from anyone who has ever heard of such a problem.
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  3. by   Fgr8Out
    I've seen this before, Cheryl. It's a wearing away of the tissue around the penis from the catheter tubing pulling/pressing against it. What a shame.... It's too bad he couldn't have had the suprapubic placed long before this occurred. In LTC, I'd seen this as well, which always irritated me, as it indicated no one had been looking and doing foley care like they should....

    Make sure YOU document your findings....