Central Venous dialysis catheters

  1. I am looking for information on dialysis catheters and their care in particular their exit site care and type of dressing. I am only interested on Haemodialysis catheters. If anyone knows of where I can get any research papers for the same I would be grateful.
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  3. by   oldnurse
    Started a long response last night but the lightning wiped it out. Quick response: Check the carton that the caths are packaged in or call the manufactures. In the old days alcohol could not be used around/on the plastic wings(haven't been dialyzing since 1991-know much has changed-started in 1974- saw may first hemodialysis in l967) Proper care of the cath is paramont to its longevity and to the patient's well-being. Hope you can get involved with the ANNA(American Nephrolgy Nurses Asso). May you have a happy and reward filled nursing carreer.