AV Fistula

  1. I am finding that staff who are experienced - technicians - are cannulating at aneurysm section/site. This is interesting as I was under the impression that techs knew what an aneurysm looked like, etc. One patient has a small 'white' area on her aneurysm like a streak. what does this mean. what happens when patients develop many aneurysms? Does thismean they will eventually require a catheter?
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  3. by   ner123
    Hi! am a Dialysis nurse and vascular access coordinator in my unit for 7 years.I am from Israel and we insert needles ,not a technicians.From literature and experience we know that multiple aneurysms eventually will lead to clot of fistula and patient will require central catheter.Ussually aneurysms are caused by wrong cannulation- area puncture.
  4. by   LPN2RNBSN
    Therefore, cannulating should be done in rope/ladder technique versus circular rotation. So, why do techs continue to cannulate causing aneurysms and is this not taught when they are in training? thx