ANyone know about Satellite Dialysis

  1. The dialysis clinic I am working at just sold the company to Satellite Dialysis. We were told that they are based out of California. Just want to see is anyone knows anything about them. Thanks so much!
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  3. by   tizmonster
    Satellite has a reputation of being a very solid provider in the Bay area. They are @ leading edge in some of their areas...I'm impressed with their nutritional site....I think they are a top drawer company, and are very patient focused.
    They also are in process of providing a great home hemo program - Good folks.
  4. by   Miko0406
    Dear s9283

    Hi, I am a male nurse from the Philippines and I am 22 yrs. old. Just like you I am also new in Dialysis nursing. However, I had a three (3) months training in a dialysis clinic before I joined a hospital here in Quezon City, Philippines, and that gives me some confidence in what I am doing.

    I got interested in your thread since we are in the same level, I mean we are of almost the same age and of the same field in nursing.

    I graduated from college ( Centro Escolar University, Manila) in March 2005 and took/passed the nursing board last Dec. 2005.

    If you are willing, we can exchange experiences/notes.

    You may also get in touch with me at

    Hope to hear from you soon.