1. Hi All! I work in a small suburban hospital as the admit/discharge (mostly discharge) nurse. It seems that a large percentage of the patients I discharge have "uncontrolled type 2 diabetes" as one of their diagnoses. We even have a fair number of patients admitted for something completely unrelated, who end up getting diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. We do not have a diabetic educator on staff. We do have a diabetes clinic associated with the hospital and the newly diagnosed patients are instructed to follow up at the clinic for diabetic teaching. How many actually do, I don't know. If patients are started on insulin, it is up to the floor RNs to do the teaching (like they have time to do truly adequate education). Earlier in my career, I worked on an inpatient unit with newly diagnosed pediatric diabetics, and focused most of my specialty PNP education on pediatric endocrine/diabetes, but that was quite a while ago. I see a huge need for diabetic education in the patients I deal with daily, and as discharge RN, I feel that I am in a place to meet that need, but I'm feeling lost in the world of adult diabetes! Can you all suggest any resources/books for me to educate myself? TIA
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