Non-fasting sugar

  1. I did a 11:30 am blood sugar on a resident in a long term care facility. It was 350. She stated she just ate breakfast and another staff member confirmed she just ate. How do I handle her sliding scale? If it is not a fasting sugar I don't know how much insulin to give.
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  3. by   heron
    Yes you do. If cbg's were ordered ac, then the sliding scale is calculated to control spikes occurring throughout the day.

    Think it through: if cng's were intended to be fasting values and ordered checked throughout the day, then the patient would not be allowed to eat at all. Does that seem rational to you?
  4. by   LilyRN99
    But we check the glucose level before each meal so it should be lower than if you took it right after a meal. The 630 am sugar should be fasting but if they ate a snack at 6 am, wouldn't that 630am sugar not reflect a fasting sugar?