need help with latest on hypothyroidism

  1. Hi everyone, I am an RN & my speciality has always been Hemodialysis. I am no longer able to work, ( I've have had 3 back surguries). I had some blood work done and my T4 Free is low, but my TSH is ok. I've heard conflicting opinions about this. Some say that the T4 Free is more important, others say the TSH is more valueable. I do have sx, but they are vague and could be attributed to other things. My sx are weight gain, I have really dry skin, low energy. I have dieted and exercised and have not been able to lose the weight. I would be grateful for any current info.
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  3. by   sirI
    Hello, pickles98,

    I can imagine your frustration and concern here. But, the members of cannot offer any advice regarding your medical problem. Please contact your PCP and pose these questions/concerns to him/her.

    Here are some links on TSH/T4, but not having a clue if you indeed have an endocrine problem, it is difficult to offer any other links:

    We wish you good luck and hope you feel better soon.