Interview with Davita, new to dialysis

  1. Hey everyone! I am a psych nurse looking to make a move away from the acute care setting. I also have worked med/surg, including renal, and surgical stepdown. It's not the patient care I'm burned out on, but everything else that comes with working in inpatient (weekends, holidays, nights...politics, constantly changing policies...I could go on). I have a phone interview coming up for a Davita chronic dialysis clinic. I do realize that there are still long shifts and some weekends to work, which I don't mind. I'm just wondering if you can tell me what it is like to work in a dialysis clinic as a RN. What does the RN do in this setting? What does the LPN and tech do? Who obtains access? I understand the individual clinics determine whether the work environment is good but can someone speak to overall how Davita treats their employees and how good are the benefits? Thanks guys.
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