DFW hospital pay and benefits for Graduate Nurses


Hi guys, i'm in my second year of Nursing school and I am applying around for a PCT job to already have my foot in the door at the hospital so when I graduate, it is easier to get a job as an RN.

My question is, does anyone know of the benefits and starting pay for a graduate nurse at any of the hospitals in DFW? I'm interested in Cook Children's, JPS, Texas Health Resources, and Medical City.

Thank you!

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I am also interested. I work at Methodist currently and if I am accepted into their cohort have a 3 year contract here. I'm just curious what the average going rate for ADN/RNs are. I'll have my BSN in under a year after my ADN.

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Low to mid 20s per hour is the norm for new grad RNs in DFW. Usually around 24.50/hr to 27.50/hr. Almost all DFW hospitals require you to come in through a residency and to sign a 2-3 year contract. Generally there is no difference in pay between ADN and BSN but there is a large hiring preference for BSN.