developmental disability CNA CEU

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I am a newer RN, and need to put together a 2 hour teaching for the certified nurses aides at a workshop/dayhab facility. I'm looking for ideas on topics to teach, and I cannot use CPR or Blood borne pathogen topics. Any ideas are appreciated!


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What are some of the biggest priorities at the facility? What are some of the primary tasks these CNAs need to perform? CPR and blood borne pathogens should be yearly competencies. Try and look at what the CNAs do every day. Without some more information regarding the facility, the CNA tasks, work climate, it would be hard to say what you should teach. What have the CNAs stated they are interested in learning?



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Role playing with the topic of dealing with dementia pts, esp those when 'therapeutic fibbing' is needed.


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You can't go wrong with teaching client's rights and respect issues.