Working in Australia

  1. Any Learning Disabilities Nurses have experience working in Oz.

    Would love to hear them.

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  3. by   kiwiweka
    i had the hardest time getting an RN liesense to work in Christchurch NZ.
    I was granted to work as a nurse assistant, thier reason didn't make sense, but i guess it was because i have an associate degree in nursing.

    I end up working as a caregiver with NZ Care LTd in intellectual develop. disability homes at night. it was sooo fun.

  4. by   cathyplexus
    I love working in Australia, there are so many opportunities for nurses here especially if you are happy to work in ICU/Theatre. I found the relocation easy especially as I had lots of help from an Agency who found me the job and more importantly helped get me settled they were fantastic.
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