Update On The 60 Day Letter

  1. The POCA is finished. It is a huge book full of documentation. We all got warning letters some were final warnings. The Residence Manager was fired today. The auditors should be back 4/5/05. Wish us luck
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Keep your head up, focus on the residents, follow through on what you said in your corrective action plan as they will check to see if items done.

    Good luck.... I've 16 months till JCAHO.
  4. by   Claver
    Hi all DD nurses,

    I have not posted for a while. I started school at the beginning of April, so I was very busy. However, I just want to share that WE DID IT. The auditors returned 4/26/05- and we passed our audit. The team had worked very hard so we are all pleased that things went well. I am applying the things that we implemented to my other residence that is due for audit in June.