The Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association

    The Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association

    In 2002, a separate process and examination was completed for LPN/LVNs serving people with developmental disabilities. This project was a cooperative effort between D.D.N.A. and Health Education Systems, Incorporated.

    The opportunity for LPN/LVNs to become certified is targeted to increase the quality of care for the people we serve. Many LPN/LVNs sat at the inaugural examination in St. Louis in May, 2002 and now are certified as LPN, DDC or LVN, DDC (Developmental Disabilities Certified).

    The LPN/LVN examination is on computer while the RN examination has been a written, multiple-choice test since its inception. May 2003 was the debut of the updated RN Examination, also in a computer format.

    Who is eligible? The minimum requirement is that candidates have 4,000 hours of experience (equivilent of two years full time) in Developmental Disabilities Nursing practice in the past five years - in addition to the other required documentation.

    Go to the RNs or LPN/LVNs Certification Page to get more information
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