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Developmental Disabilities is for Licensed Nurses working with patients with developmental and learning disabilities. Discuss the particular challenges and rewards of working in this area. Commiserate on developing care plans, working within group homes, fostering communication and strategies used to increase and maintain clients' optimal health.

Direct Care Staff / Aides for the Developmentally Disabled
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Direct Care Staff / Aides for the Developmentally Disabled

Developmental disabilities nursing is an often-overlooked specialty in need of tolerant employees who can provide sensitive care and patiently keep up with the...

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Nursing Special Children
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Nursing Special Children

How is it like to have patients who are autistic or with down syndrome? Do you have the patience and magic touch as a nurse? Can you tickle their mind and...

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This is where I'm meant to be
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This is where I'm meant to be

I write this as I sit next to the hospital bed of one of my patients. Tears streaming down my face, my eyes darting between the monitors that are displaying her...

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Developmental Disabilities Nursing
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Developmental Disabilities Nursing

Developmental disabilities nursing cover a wide range of types of nursing. These problems can be mental, emotional or physical. Patients with developmental...

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