1. Searching for a book with nursing protocols for ID/DD residential nursing....there was a great one YEARS ago.......any suggestions?
    {NOT looking for nursing procedures...those can be easily found}
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  3. by   txbornnurse
    Protocols are dependent upon the guidelines set in place by your state agency responsible for oversight of the I/DD programs. Obtain a copy of those and formulate your protocols from them. After you have those essential things outlined then you can draft protocols based upon your company's goals and expectations.

    Remember there are essential criteria/guidelines that surveyors look for each year for their re certification surveys so those need to be priorities. In addition any protocols you implement should have some type of quantifiable criteria so you can track progress or lack thereof throughout the year.

    I would caution you to not create numerous protocols above and beyond what the state mandates and your company requires because you will be held accountable for those additional protocols by surveyors most of the time. I always said keep it as general as possible and quantifiable so I could prove I had accomplished what was expected for each consumer and could verify I was monitoring and intervening if goals were not met in a timely fashion.