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Detroit Area: Winter Student Nurse Externships

TheStorm TheStorm (New) New

Hello, I'm a BSN senior nursing student who will akwardly be a part time student in the semester before I graduate in May 2016. Thus, I'm looking for some anything I can do in that time so that I can get more experience! After applying for ALOT of tech jobs and not getting a single call I thought I should look at externships. From what I can see, there is an externship program in the Detroit area offered during the winter at Oakwood, does anyone know about this program or have any opinions?

To give some more background, I am trying to get into ICU nursing. I'm looking for the best opportunity that will get me onto an ICU after I graduate, and if that takes moving out of Michigan I will gladly do that! However, I would love to be hired to an ICU in Michigan if possible.


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