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Detailed appeal to waive cno competences

by Sarbjot kaur Sarbjot kaur (New) New

Hi there

i wanna write detailed appeal to cno to waive of my RN completences as i have proof of practice and i have already covered all gaps

Can anyone suggest how to write that??

Are you referring to competency gaps for RN or PN? The competency assessment CNO requires for RN is the IENCAP and the competency assessment for PN is the competency assessment supplement (CAS).

What stage are you at in the assessment? Is your NNAS advisory report done? were you advised by CNO to do the IENCAP/OSCE? Did you do the OSCE?

Things have changed since you wrote this post (in a positive way for your situation) so I would suggest talking to CNO about how you can go about using your nursing work experience as evidence of meeting those competencies.

sarbjot did you write an appeal to CNO? or did you do the IENCAP?