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Desire to be WOCN with only Home Health and Case Management experience

Has 7 years experience. Specializes in Home Health, Case Management.

Hi Everyone,

I received my BSN approx. 7yrs ago. In the past 7 years, I have worked in Home Care (full-time and per diem) and Case Management (insurance). I thought CM was the direction I wanted to grow in my career, but ready to return to direct patient care.

When I worked in home care (per diem) I was assigned to the Wound Care team. I loved every minute of it. I plan to apply to WOC program at Emory. My concern is regarding my limited work experience and my ability to obtain a job after the WOC program. Presently, I would like to either return to HC as part of a WC team or find a job at a wound care clinic. I don't know the likelihood of being hired at a wound care clinic before or during WOC program. I would think it my chances would improve with WOCN.

Any thoughts??


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