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Desert Regional RN Residency?

Hi Everyone!

Does anyone have experience with Desert Regional's Versant RN Residency program? I'm looking to apply to the hospital when I move out to CA in the fall, but the website didn't answer all of my questions and everyone is out of the office. Like, as a new grad BSN applying for a job there, do I have to go through the residency or can I get a job without it? If I do need to do it, I probably won't be licensed and ready to start until the April cohort, so can I work there before starting the residency? Is there any kind of contracted time of employment required after finishing the program? Any info would be appreciated :)

It's approximately 1 year of didactic/ floor training depending on the unit and they ask that you sign a 2 year contract for a total of 3 years.

Hi ,

Im actually looking into that program also. Are you in the Versant program? If so, would you recommend it? Any pro's & con's you might want to share?? Thanks!


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