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depression in oncology nurses

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I have been a nurse for 6 years and I found oncology to be one of the most emotional areas I've worked along with one of the most rewarding. I'm currently doing a presentation on depression with oncology nurses due to the nature of patients they serve. I can remember a time in my career where I was so burned out I was so tired of going to work and in my mind watching people die for a living. I would like to get stories of trying times in oncology nurses careers for my presentation if any of you would like to share.


I think it's important to have good self care and boundaries with families.


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Everybody eventually dies. Whether it's cancer or not. Might as well be a part of these people's lives and push for the best imo. I guess I don't see death as such a bad thing vs a life of pain

I lost my grandma and little cousin to cancer. It's therapeutic for me to take care of oncology patients because I also do it for them