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Depressed about not finding a job

Well, I think the title pretty much sums up my situation. Graduated in August 2011, passed NCLEX in December, and still no job. I've been a CNA since 2007, and I currently work as an ACNA in a hospital, per diem. I feel so useless. Everyone from my class thats employed, worked as a CNA there prior. My hospital does not utilize LVNs. I guess I just felt like venting. Any words or advice is appreciated.

I really hate to say "Hang in there", as I imagine that must be annoying. But its really all you can do. Eventually something has to give. Have you had any interviews? If you haven't had a single interview, I imagine you might need to fix your resume. Are you able to look for jobs outside of your area? Do you feel comfortable asking people in your hospital if they know of any openings anywhere? Or perhaps they can give you some advice as to what you could improve on.

I hope things get better for you!

I just ran across your post and you sound just like me. I graduated from my LPN program Aug. 2011 and I passed my NCLEX in October. I've also been a CNA since 2007 and did caregiving the year before getting my CNA 1 then 2. I got an on-call job in Jan...and of coruse the censes have been going down and they decided to hire three on-call LPN's so guess what? I haven't worked since March.

I feel your pain. It is not fun. But like the previous poster said, hang in there. I know I'm trying to. I was hoping I'd find a full time job by now, but no luck...so I still get to live with mommy and daddy at 25. Something's got to look up. Don't lose faith and keep on checking those jobsites. Try to network as best as you can with some of your old classmates. Ask them if at their work there are any job openings and see if they can put in the good word for you. I asked one of my classmates to see if she could get me into this home health place that she works at. So keeping fingers crossed.

Good luck! You're not alone in this pool.

Your not the only one....... I graduated June of 2011 got my license in Aug 2011 and still haven't found a job just today got a call back after the interview for a pedi office so keep trying don't get discouraged...... Stay strong......

KimberlyRN89, BSN, RN

Specializes in Med-Surg/urology.

My best advice is just to continue to apply everywhere. Home health, jails, schools (if your district uses LPN's, some counties in my state do), assisted living facilities, dialysis clinics,methadone clinics,doctor's offices,and LTC(but in my experience a lot of them don't want new grads). I agree about tweaking your resume. I did it & after I did, I started getting more interviews & even job offers.

xoemmylouox, ASN, RN

Has 13 years experience.

Have someone you trust look over your resume. You may have a simple error that needs to be fixed. You should also make sure you dress appropriately at your interview. Perhaps role play with someone so you are prepared for questions they may ask you. Also make sure your voicemail/answering machine recording is appropriate. The things I hear make me cringe.

sorry for being such a downer but being an LVN is sometimes not rewarding and compared to the level of skill you have to have, the pay is almost nothing... I make 17 and hour and have a BA and experience.

why? It is almost impossible to complete your RN and the worst thing about taking care of Ped patients are the parents.

Then I understand that LVNs working in skilled nursing have a ton of work.

Let me explain that I usually dont complain and I work consistently and never take off from my job yet there just seems to be no sense in me me amassing a ton of debt to be an LVN. Those considering the LVN program should think twice and do the RN or go into a field dominated by men instead. It is not worth it....!!!!

Thank you everyone for your words. I guess I should be happy I have a seasonal job through Mollen (although I have no idea how that will work out for me). It's just that by now, I thought I would have a F/T job. I will try reconnecting with some old class mates again and see where that gets me. Oh yeah, just got turned down for another position yesterday. Seems everyone wants that elusive 1 year experience... Also, is there an area on this site where someone is willing to give me some pointers on my resume? The worker from Alliance Worknet said it looked great, but something isn't working. Also, I've had one, interview, if you can even call it an interview, it was sad. Seems like no one is hiring wherever I look.


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