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Denial and Appeals Process HELP



I need help.  I passed my state boards in 60 questions and I just received a denial letter in the mail and have to appeal. I got 2 DUIs one in 2016 and another in 2018 and I wrecked my car both times (I know, I'm super screwed).  I can't afford a lawyer and I have to appeal, what kind of documentation would I need for the attorney general to give me a probationary license ( I honestly will take anything)? 

Do I need to do a drug screening test to show I'm not on any substances?

I didn't do any rehab, do I have to do that?

All I have is 2 sets of DUI classes one for each dui, a letter from my psychiatrist saying I'd make an excellent lvn, a bunch of letters of recommendations and AA classes.  Is this enough?

I'm freaking out at the thought of them saying no I can't have a license, and I'm getting really depressed this is a hard time in my life and to top it all off I'm going through a break up.  I just feel awful.